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Average time saved

With up to 35% in several instances; enabling you to get more done with the same team


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With a promise of 100% same-day resolutions... We make it our responsibility to keep you beyond satisfied


Years of experience

We've been around for a while; we know how to get your business where it needs to be with our expertise

We believe that tech is about results and making work easier...

Rather than existing as a necessary evil that you must budget for, technology should produce tangible results for your business! With the right IT, your processes should be absolutely seamless, your network secure and your needs met with record speed.

This is why we are on a mission to provide unique, result-producing technology solutions for all the businesses under our care. Yes, care - because we do. Beyond a group of IT experts, we're happy humans that help businesses with a warm friendliness about us.

We work with you to understand where they want to be 1, 5, or 10 years out and help you reach those goals, by providing the exact-fit IT solutions you need to scale.

Our IT journey...

It's been a long, thrilling road here, for our founder, Todd Curtis. Before starting Nomadic Secure Solutions in May of 2022, Todd had spent 23 years in the IT, risk management, and compliance industry altogether.

For the first 13 years, he occupied positions ranging from sales, engineering, and project management for companies such as Meridian Technologies, Sabre, EDS, and HP Enterprise Services.

Todd then spent another 10 years focused on traveling the world; working with clients such as the National Geographic and Discovery Channels providing guidance, risk management, safety, and medical services.  

As amazing as that experience was for him, Todd sat down in early 2022 and reviewed what he wanted his next 20 years to look like.  

His conclusion was that combining a love of technology, crisis prevention, and response, and working side by side with clients to improve their worlds, would be best accomplished through the MSP model.

And so, Nomadic Secure was born: to provide small to mid-sized businesses worldwide with exceptional IT support and solutions that make it easier to grow faster!

Our values

The values which drive everything we do


We don't believe in "placeholder" technology, we believe IT should work, as well as propel your growth.  As a result, we make sure that every service we provide is innovative.


Something we would never do is try to get rich off you by complicating issues. Rather than using jargon, we explain the full situation of your IT in a way you would understand.


Our business grows alongside yours, quite literally. So our commitment to helping you grow faster while staying secure makes complete business sense.

Team Work

You receive all the benefits of working with experts with world-class experience, while still feeling like we are part of your team. Because we are!

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