Innovative IT support that drives business growth

We help businesses of all sizes increase their bottom line, by providing expert IT services that keep their processes seamless and secure

Nomadic Secure Solutions - IT Support Cortland, NY

Is your IT environment a disaster waiting to happen?

Are you stuck with slow response times from an IT guy that doesn't have all the answers?

This makes it obvious that your IT support lacks the capacity to move your business forward

Are you constantly facing cybersecurity threats?

It takes years to grow a business, and literal minutes to lose it to a cyber attack. Don't be a cyber statistic

Are your processes stuck in the stone age?

If technology isn't making your operations seamless, you need help, and you need it urgently

IT problem in Cortland, NY
IT solutions - IT services in Cortland, NY

Innovative IT solutions,
with real results

Every business deserves innovative IT solutions, that keep them secure, compliant, and hyper-productive in today's world.

We started NOMADIC SECURE to be that YOU-focused IT company, that not only cares deeply about your growth but has the IT know-how to help you grow faster.

We prioritize our customers, and it's not just something we say, it's something we do. By providing exceptional help desk and core services, we're able to proactively work with you to improve your security and processes.

years of combined experience
cost-savings on infrastructure!

How our IT management helps small to mid-sized businesses

World-class expertise

We have spent decades, providing top-of-the-line IT solutions to industry leaders. We provide you with that same quality of IT expertise.

Stable systems

Because we remotely monitor your entire IT environment, we're able to make sure that your IT environment works so seamlessly, that it takes some getting used to.


When it comes to cybersecurity, you're better paranoid than sorry. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every policy and measure is put in place to provide absolute security.

Work effectively

The innovative IT solutions we provide, save you time and money. We get AI to handle your repetitive tasks, freeing you up to focus on needle-moving responsibilities.

Leverage the Cloud

We have the cloud computing know-how to keep you productive and safe on the cloud. Work remotely, let go of your aged legacy servers, and get more done faster; all on the cloud.

Stay focused

We afford small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to focus on their core business because everything just works. Don't spend another day worried about IT.

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